UCC Petrolatum Tape HT 50mm x 10m

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FS4050HT - UCC Petrolatum Tape HT (High Temperature) 50mm X 10M UCC Petrolatum Tape HT UCC Petrolatum Tape HT is composed of a non-woven synthetic fabric carrier fully impregnated with a neutral petrolatum compound stabilised with inert fillers and complemented with corrosion inhibitors. For operating temperatures up to 75°C. UCC Petrolatum Tape HT is deigned to provide long term corrosion protection to pipes flanges valves and other fittings. Features • Surface Tolerance on marginally prepared substrates; St 2.0. • Conforms to irregular shapes and profiles. • Can be applied to cold wet substrates. • Unaffected by water acid salts or bacterial attack. • Encapsulates lead painted substrates. • Nil VOC s. • Ease of application at high and low temperature extremes. • Ready for immediate service no curing time. • Conforms with AWWA C 217-04. Application • Prepare surface to St 2 std. • Apply UCC Petrolatum Primer to substrate at a spread rate of 3kg/m² approx. • Profile projections and voids with UCC Petrolatum Mastic. • Spirally apply tape incorporating 55% overlap to achieve a double thickness with circumferential turn. • Overwrap tape with UCC PVC OverWrap spirally applied with 55% overlap. Product Properties: Properties | Test Method | Value Thickness | ASTM D1000 | 1.1mm to 1.5mm Weight | 1.44kg/m² | 1.44kg/m² Breaking Strength | ASTM D1000 | 6.0 N/mm Elongation at Break | ASTM D1000 | 15% Breakdown Voltage (2 layers) | ASTM D149 | >16kv Water Vapour Transmission Rate | ASTM E96 | 0.25g/m² /24hr Cathodic Disbondment | ASTM G8 | <700mm² Application Temperature: -10 to +55ºC Service Temperature: -20 to +75ºC Excursion Peak Temperature: 80ºC