Teng 3/8in Dr. 6-30Nm Mini Q-Series Torq. Wr. +/-3%**

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3892Q030 - Q-Series Torque Wrench • With torque click function both right and left action compact design and socket retainer the Q series offers a new option for the industrial user. • Compact ratchet head. • Scales are easy to read with both Nm and ft/lbs units. • Supplied with calibration certificate that conform to ISO 9000:2000. • Supplied in plastic case for protection and storage. • Conforms to ISO 6789 standard. • Accuracy ±3%. Drive: 3/8 inch Torque Range ISO: 6-30 Nm Torque Range Imperial: 5-25 ft/lbs No. of Teeth: 45 Length: 218mm