Squids Hand Tool Tethering Kit - 2.3kg / 5.0lb

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ER3182 - Squids® 3182 Tool Tethering Kit - 5lb (2.3kg) ER318219651 This Squids 3182 Tool Tethering Kit includes a Single Carabineer Detatchable Tool Lanyard a 3.7m roll of Self-Adhering Tape and three Detachable Elastic Tool Tails. This kit Denys you to tether up to three 5lb (2.3kg) tools. Instructions included. Kit includes: • ER310319069: Detachable Tool Tails (3 Pack) • ER375519755: Self-Adhering Tape (requires no heat) • ER3102F19864: Detachable Single Carabineer (2.3kg) Applications: Telecommunications Municipalities Construction Utilities Wind Energy Oil & Gas Power Generation Transportation