Limit Pocket Multimeter (Cat II 600V)

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198650103 - LiMiT Pocket Multimeter (CAT II 600V) Digital multimeter in pocket size with autorange. Measuring DC/AC voltage resistance frequency and capacitance. Also diodtest continuity with buzzer datahold relative mode low battery capacity warning and auto off after 15 minutes. Supplied with battery testleads cover and manual. Max display 3999. Safety isolation CAT II 600V EN 61010-1 EN 61326-1. Technical Specifications: DC Voltage: 400mV-4-40-600V DC Voltage Resolution: 0.1mV DC Voltage Accuracy: ±0.8% +31 digit AC Voltage: 4-40-400-600V AC Voltage Resolution: 1 mV AC Voltage Accuracy: ±1.2% + 3 digits Resistance: 400O-4-40-400 KO-4-40MO Resistance Resolution: 0.1O Resistance Accuracy: ±1% + 2 digits Capacitance: 4-40-400nF-4-40-100µF Capacitance Resolution: 0.001nF Capacitance Accuracy: ±4% + 3 digits Frequency: 10Hz-10MHz Frequency Resolution: 0.01 Hz Frequency Accuracy: ±0.5% + 3 digits Duty cycle: 0.1 - 99.9% Battery: 1pc 3V (CR2032) Dimension: 110 x 58 x 11mm Weight: 76gm