Groz Polypropylene Measuring Jug 100ml

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GZ41943 | Groz Polypropylene Measuring Jug 100ml • Handy Measuring Jugs suitable for industrial and automotive applications • Heavy duty clear and transparent polypropylene body with exceptional optical clarity. Usage of food grade polymer makes these useful in food industry too • Strong and sturdy handle with ergonomic thumb grip for convenient usage • Graduated in Litres and Ounces • Highly resistant to acids bases and chemicals these are Autoclavable at 121°C (250°F). Can be safely used in a microwave without fear of any deformation Compatibility Chart • Acids Dilute Or Weak Excellent • Acids Strong & Concentrated Excellent • Alcohols Excellent • Aldehydes Very Good • Bases Excellent • Hydrocarbons Very Good • Oxidizing Agents Strong Not Recommended