Groz Plastic Lever Pump (Water Based Media)

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GZ44185 - Plastic Lever Pump • Suitable for water based fluids detergents soaps windsheild fluids oils lubricants agricultural chemicals herbicides & pesticides. • Delivers: Up to 500 ml/stroke • Choice of materials used in the pump construction make it versatile for use with water based media as well as select chemicals. • Built-In 2in Bung Adaptor allows the pump to be fixed on Drums with 2in Opening. Pump position can be adjusted using the Lock Nut incorporated in the pump body. • Pump outlet is fitted with an Air Vent Cap which when loosened breaks the Siphon action. • Supplied complete with suction tube for use with 15- 55Gal (50-205 Litre) drums & 2m x 3/4in Flexible Corrugated discharge hose. WETTED COMPONENTS: Polyacetal Polypropylene Polyethylene PVC & Viton FOR USE WITH: Water-based media detergents soaps antifreeze windshield washer Hydraulic Oils Lubricants Herbicides & Pesticides Adblue Urea DEF etc. Pump should only be used with Non-flammable liquids DO NOT USE: With any media not compatible with materials used in the pump construction. NOTE: These pumps must never be used for Fuel Transfer or with Thinners Solvents etc.