Groz Nylon Chemical Pump 400ml P/Stroke

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GZ44193 - GROZ NYLON CHEMICAL PUMP 400ML P/STROKE Self priming Vertical Lift Pump designed primarily for use with lacquer thinners Urea AdBlue DEF etc. Nylon construction with stainless steel plunger rod & PTFE seals. Complete with 2” polypropylene bung adaptor for use on 55 gallons (205 litre) drums. For use on: 20l 60l & 205l drums Delivery: 400ml (14oz.) per/stroke WETTED COMPONENTS Nylon Polypropylene Stainless Steel & PTFE RECOMMENDED USE Lacquer thinners Acetone Antifreeze Brake Kleen Detergents Glycerine Water Weed Killer mild acids AdBlue Urea DEF petroleum based media etc. DO NOT USE With strong acids bleach gasoline etc.