Groz Industrial Rotary Fuel Transfer Pump (38LPM)

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GZ44081 - Groz Industrial Rotary Fuel Transfer Pump • Industry Standard for Rotary pumps these are by far the heaviest duty for severe outdoor use in extreme weather conditions. • Deliver media with a head / lift up to 20ft. • Solid cast iron construction fully CNC machined to close tolerances. • Pump Handle rotates a high quality sintered powder metal 3 Vane Rotor inside a highly finished pumping chamber. • Graphite Veins are self lubricating & non wearing. • High Quality graphite Seal allows the pump to be used with a wide variety of fluids including Diesel with upto 15% Ethanol blend. • Self Priming operation with discharge up to 38 LPM (10 GPM). • Supplied complete with 2 Bung Telescopic Suction Tube with Strainer for use with 15 gallons (50 litre) – 55 gallons (205 litre) barrels. WETTED COMPONENTS Cast Iron Steel Graphite Paper Polypropylene DO NOT USE With Water Based Media