Groz Heavy Duty Syphon Pump 50-205L 21LPM

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Easy to use polyethylene pumps syphon liquids to lower levels than the height at which the pump is installed. These are easy to prime & start within 6-7 strokes. Pump requires no further operation & keeps working in Auto position emptying the media being pumped. All pumps are equipped with a Vent Cap on top. Opening the cap stops the discharge. To dispense media at levels higher than the pump pump bellow needs to be continuously operated. Supplied complete with Flexible Corrugated Discharge tube. Discharge: 21 LPM / 7 GPM Bung: 2 for use with drums Fits: 205 litre / 55 gal. drums Discharge Hose Length: 47.70 (1212 mm) RECOMMENDED USE Water-based fluids detergents waxes soaps antifreeze some mild acids and other liquids compatible with pump materials of construction Pump should only be used with light weight & non-flammable liquids DO NOT USE With any media not compatible with materials used in the pump construction. These pumps must never be used with concentrated acids Acetone Benzene etc