Groz Coolant Mixer (1100 Litre Per Hour)

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GZ61102 | Groz Coolant Mixer (1100 Litre Per Hour) Introducing the world’s most advanced Coolant Mixers that are virtually maintenance free highly accurate and provide easy & fast adjustment. Coolant / Liquid Mixers are widely used in Industry for mixing liquid coolant concentrate with water for supply to machines. These also find applications in workshops & garages for mixing water with detergents antifreeze etc. The Groz Coolant / Liquid Mixers uses a Rotary Disc Valve which is precision CNC machined from Stainless Steel & is highly accurate. The compact construction & minimal parts makes them easy to install & highly reliable. • Lightweight aluminium body • Driven by pressure from water supply • Includes full flow Brass Ball Valve & also fitted with 2 back flow preventers • Adjustment of mixing ratio is variable & controlled through a simple turn of the knob • Inbuilt Suction Tube & 2 inch bung that fits directly onto 205 litre Coolant Drums • Mixing Ratio: 0 to 9% WETTED COMPONENTS: Aluminium Stainless Steel Brass Acetal PVC Nitrile Rubber RECOMMENDED USE: Cutting / Metal Working Fluids Select Chemicals Wind Screen Fluids Antifreeze Detergents / Soap Solutions