Groz Battery Powered Syphon Pump

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GZ44410 - Battery Powered Plastic Syphon Pump • Battery Operated pump for quick & convenient transfer of Diesel Kerosene Light oils & water based media. • Ideal for transferring small qty’s of media into boats garages & small shops. • Suitable for use on 20 litres/ 5 gallon drums. • Self Priming pump. Works on a battery operated 3V DC motor. • Pump is operated by pressing the actuation button located on top. • Hang Hole provided at top allows pump to be conveniently stored when not in use. • Works on 2 “D” size (LR20) Alkaline Batteries (not included with the pump). Approx. working life with one set of batteries is 396 gallons (1500 Litres). • Complete with 23-1/2” (600 mm) long flexible corrugated discharge hose. WETTED COMPONENTS Polypropylene Polyethylene NBR SS PVC & Acetal. RECOMMENDED USE Diesel Kerosene Light Oils Water & other Water based media compatible with pump components. Pump should be used with light weight & non flammable liquids only. DO NOT USE With any media not compatible with materials used in the pump construction. Pump must never be used with acids Acetone Benzene etc. Pump must never be used with Hot Media at Temperatures above 60°C (140°F).