Groz 4pc Regular Pin Vice Set - 0-4.5mm

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GROZ 4PC REGULAR PIN VICE SET - 0-4.5MM Pin vices are used for holding small taps drills reamers scribers wire small files etc. This range of Pin Vices have special tool steel jaws that provide for a firm grip. A straight smooth section on the handle allows these vices to be conveniently held in machine chucks for machining operations. The handles have a hole extending through the entire length which permit holding wires of any length or diameter upto the full size of the tool. PV/1 Capacity - 0-1mm Overall Length - 85mm Body Diameter - 5mm PV/2 Capacity - 0.75-1.5mm Overall Length - 87mm Body Diameter - 6mm PV/3 Capacity - 1.5-3.0mm Overall Length - 88mm Body Diameter - 7mm PV/4 Capacity - 3.0-4.5mm Overall Length - 102.5mm Body Diameter - 8mm