Groz 3/8in BSP F-R Unit 77CFM / 2200LPM

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GZ60310 - GROZ Air Filter-Regulator Combination Unit The Filter-Regulator Combination is one of the most popular air preparation units. The 2 are assembled together to form a single unit. Air Filter is used to separate dust dirt moisture & other contaminants from compressed air. Filter has a Die Cast Aluminium body polycarbonate bowl with a steel bowl guard & a high performance Sintered Bronze. Filtering element Filter is designed with a Separator & Shield for efficient moisture separation. It is combined with a Regulator which maintains a steady outlet pressure unaffected by variations/fluctuations in the inlet pressure. Regulators have a Non Raising “Press to Lock” adjusting knob for locking at any set pressure .Regulators work on a Diaphragm operated relieving type mechanism with pressure compensated by balanced poppet. • Pressure adjustment range of 7 - 145 PSI (0.5 - 10 BAR) • 40 micron filtering element • Press Type Manual Drain with Night Time Drain feature which automatically drains off the bowl once the compressed air supply to the filter is switched off. WETTED COMPONENTS: Aluminium Bronze Brass Steel Acetal Polycarbonate Stainless Steel & Nitrile FRC14 Type: INTERMEDIATE COMPLETE WITH 42MM GAUGE Max flow rate: 77 CFM / 2200 LPM Bayonet Type Steel Bowl Guard Regulator with in-built Venturi for Flow Compensation CONFORMS TO ISO 6953-1 & 5782-1 WARNING: Polycarbonate bowls may get damaged and possibly fail if exposed to synthetic oils thinner solvents trichloroethylene kerosene or other aromatic hydrocarbons.