Groz 20L Drum Oil Dispenser Pump 60ml P/Stroke

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GZ44150 - 20L DRUM OIL DISPENSER PUMP 60ML P/STROKE Pump designed for transferring transmission differentials & heavier oils. Zinc plated pump body with aluminum die cast head & adjusting flange. Powder coated steel drum cover. Wear resistant brass piston rings fitted onto zinc die cast piston. Complete with 48” / 4 fuel resistant soft PVC hose with nozzle for efficient discharge. Drum Capacity: 25-50 lbs / 5 gal. / 20 litres Pump Length: 18 (450 mm) Drum Cover Diameter: 12 (310 mm) WETTED COMPONENTS Steel Aluminum Zinc Brass NBR PVC RECOMMENDED USE Transmission differentials & heavier oils DO NOT USE Water based & other corrosive media